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  • I would like the ability to have multiple podcasts under one account please.

  • I am https://anchor.fm/jack-bosma3 on Anchor and suggest adding a search box to rapidly access my podcasts and also add a list of all podcast channels for creators to connect and review content. Thank you!

  • Hello, I'd like to be able to use my own URL in place of anchor.fm/mypodcastname. In other words, when a viewer types myname.com they reach anchor.fm/mypodcastname. I realize I can redirect my URL to point to the anchor URL but there's the question of masking. I would like the viewer to see my URL. Your service is fabulous and much appreciated.

  • Please allow the ability to custom edit our enclosure tags. Being able to change RSS feed prefixes would allow users to use better charting sites as is Anchor simply not comprehensive enough.

  • I'm loving the idea that I can make my WordPress blog posts into Anchor podcast shows -- text-to-speech is heavenly -- but am wishing it was more flexible in terms of being able to manipulate whether it refers to photo captions, code, etc. Would be lovely to be able to simply type in a special version for the text-to-speech.


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