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  • I would like the ability to have multiple podcasts under one account please.

  • Hello, I'd like to be able to use my own URL in place of anchor.fm/mypodcastname. In other words, when a viewer types myname.com they reach anchor.fm/mypodcastname. I realize I can redirect my URL to point to the anchor URL but there's the question of masking. I would like the viewer to see my URL. Your service is fabulous and much appreciated.

  • I am https://anchor.fm/jack-bosma3 on Anchor and suggest adding a search box to rapidly access my podcasts and also add a list of all podcast channels for creators to connect and review content. Thank you!

  • Please allow the ability to custom edit our enclosure tags. Being able to change RSS feed prefixes would allow users to use better charting sites as is Anchor simply not comprehensive enough.

  • For podcasts which have many episodes, it would be great if there was a way that creators could see all of their episodes on one page (or at least grouped by 50 or 100). This used to be an option (in fact it was the default option until a couple of years ago), but now it is very hard to find old episodes, especially without a search function.
    Please bring back the option to show lots of episodes on one page!

  • I'm loving the idea that I can make my WordPress blog posts into Anchor podcast shows -- text-to-speech is heavenly -- but am wishing it was more flexible in terms of being able to manipulate whether it refers to photo captions, code, etc. Would be lovely to be able to simply type in a special version for the text-to-speech.

  • I'd LOVE to be able to do livestreams with anchor! 

  • Please allow the video podcast upload option for countries like India or podcasts whose core audience is from the selected regions. All my guests and 70% of my audience are from US and UK.

  • The ability to upload directly to YouTube. That would be great. I like to have my podcast on as many platforms as possible. Thank you!

  • Video podcasting with publishing to Spotify

  • Would love to be able to title talk segment breaks to have them reflect the names of the talk segment while editing – especially for Music + Talks shows to better highlight the artists being spoken about!

  • I just moved my podcast from Soundcloud to Anchor but I'm dismayed because RSSs doesn't include metrics information (i.e., how many plays the episodes have, which countries are listening, how they are listening).

    I have thousands of plays, but I'm at zero :(

    It would be great to be able to upload a CSV file to Anchor with this information. Even just the countries and number of plays per episode would be very appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • would be great to be able to create folders for sound items, ie transitions I use repeatedly, etc

  • also, it would be cool if you could add a comments section to your podcast episodes.


  • Please allow for the option to merge two different segments into one, as it doesn't allow for the completion of proper editing without the function to merge the two ends after removing the middle.

  • also regarding the wp blog to anchor: would be great if it was immediate, not hours, for podcast episodes to appear within blog's podplayer editing block

  • Only checking accounts are being supported right now for anchor payouts through stripe, but the problem is that not everyone has a checking account. Some only have prepaid debit cards. Please change this to include debit cards as a payout option. It's very important to me.

  • using wordpress to anchor AI narration, would be great if we could edit verbage within anchor rather than having to trash the original blog post & start over

  • Sometimes a podcast could evolve into a different thing, with a different name or theme. For example, you have a show and music is part of the topic but suddenly you saw the chance to make a radio or split the episodes into 2 different podcasts/shows.  That would be very helpful if we have:
    - OR a way to transfer episodes from one account to another (and bring the statistics);
    - OR a way to manage multiple podcasts in one unique account;

    That would help creators a lot! Thank you!

  • We need to have multiple email addresses log in so I can have my volunteer team upload files to our podcast. Small nonprofit, don't want to share passwords. 

  • Upload audio to youtube with cover art as a still image. Listeners are asking me for this.

  • When I publish a new podcast episode, it takes many hours for the new show to appear on Wordpress' podcast block dropdown menu -- please fix this so the new show is listed immediately or at least a lot quicker

  • I need to support Logical Bible Study's request for the ability to see all of the episodes in the iframe link for the podcast show. This is actually a deal breaker for me if this cannot be added soon. Thank you.

  • When will Anchor.fm support Podcast 2.0 "value blocks" in RSS feeds?

    This is a hot feature, and honestly it makes me re-evaluate whether I should stay on Anchor.fm if there continues to be no way to add value blocks to the RSS feed of my podcast to allow me at least the chance to monetize it to some extent... :-( 


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