Ability to Share/Embed Scheduled Podcast Episode

I just switched to Anchor from Libsyn. I love most of the platform, but one pretty major annoyance that I discovered and confirmed with the support team is the inability to get the share/embed code for a scheduled episode.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who likes to schedule out my content. This also includes scheduling out email blasts, social media posts, and blog articles for each episode. But I discovered that you can't get the sharing info until the episode is public, which is pretty annoying. 

This means that I have to wait to schedule any of my content until after the podcast episode is published. Generally, I like to batch record and schedule episodes. With Libsyn, I could do this and schedule all of my promotional content as well. Now with Anchor I have to go in every time an episode launches and do it manually.

Hopefully this is an easy feature to add!




  • i have found a workaround for this problem, well it's probably not as elegant as you would like but. 

    1. if you go to your scheduled episode, for eg. https://anchor.fm/dashboard/episode/engpbu
    2. take note of the last section of the url after the last forward slash "engpbu". 
    3. now let's say you have named the episode "Awesome Podcast Episode"
    4. you can now essentially predict the final url that will link to the episode once it is released by replacing any spaces or special characters with a dash ie. "-" 
    5. your final url should look like this https://anchor.fm/"your podcast name here"/episodes/Awesome-Podcast-Episode-engpbu
    6. and once the scheduled ep is released it will have that url that you predicted :) 

    remember any special characters or apostrophes etc. Are replaced with nothing so "#1 - tom's with fred" becomes "1---toms-with-fred" then dash whatever step 2 is "-engpbu"

    i haven't tried with all characters and symbols looks like the dash symbol isn't removed but the hash symbol "#" is. 

    this workaround isn't really too advantageous as you could just link to your public anchor page which always has the latest episode at the top. 

    not sure if this will be of any benefit to anyone but I'd thought id share anyway, just in case. 


  • Agreed. It would be a nice feature to add. I found a workaround, which is a little bit of a hassle - but also means it could pretty easily be coded on the backend. The iframe src specific URL is generating using a combination of the episode title and the six character episode ID. The episode ID is in the address bar when you are editing/creating an episode, following "anchor.fm/dashboard/episode/".

    For example: if your anchor URL is "weird-al", the episode title is "Living with a Hernia", and the episode ID is "abcef", then your iframe src="https://anchor.fm/weird-al/embed/episodes/Living-with-a-Hernia-abcdef" [episode title is case-sensitive].

    The only thing I'm unclear on is how special characters in episode titles are handled. For example, the algorithm ignores ":" but converts "?" to "-".

    Again, this seems like something anchor could easily provide a tool for.

  • Yes, being able to get a link for a scheduled episode would be a huge help!  We would use this too!

  • 100000% agree. It'd make preparing to market the episodes a lot easier if we had access to all links (anchor, embed code, spotify, apple podcasts, etc) 

  • This would be so useful when posting interview episodes since I always like to get my guests approval before I post!

  • The workaround is fine, but definitely agree with the usefulness of knowing the url of an unpublished/scheduled/private episode before it is publicly available. Currently we have to upload our audio files elsewhere to make it so guests can listen to them to approve before publication, and our social media can't schedule completed posts.


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