Ability to have chapter Metadata embedded or added

as you may know some podcast platforms are able to read chapters that are embedded in the id3v2.3 tags for mp3 and i believe possibly apple m4a but that might not be id3 tags im not sure, this feature can also be used to add images to each chapter and other info.

But i don't believe any podcast platforms support the extra features just chapters. 

here is a link to a java tool for adding chapters to the id3 Metadata ID3v2 Chapter Tool (sourceforge.net) it also explains a bit about it. 

i think it would be a great feature to implement, well at least the Embedded chapter part not so much the per chapter images and info etc. 



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  • Definitely would be nice to have!
    I have tried it with a .aac file but no luck there.
    I wonder whether it will show up on Pocketcasts with an edited .mp3 file, but I can't verify that right now. I'll test it with the next episode.


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