New Feature Ideas - Record with friends on Desktop & Volume edit audio

I would like to see the ability to record with friends via desktop.

Recording remotely with awful sounding cell phone mics brings down the quality of the podcasts and drives away our listeners. I am aware that if someone initiates recording via the mobile app other people can join in on desktop, but this does nothing for the person starting the podcast using their phone (unless there's a work around I'm unaware of - which I haven't found) especially because they're the host and end up sounding the worst on their own podcast.  

It makes no sense that this feature isn't universal between platforms, and I thought I had seen it there a some time ago...

Also - there should be a way to edit volume levels when you go into the edit audio function. 
A simple volume envelope would be pretty easy to add to the edit audio function.

Thanks for your time,



  • i agree i

    d love to see feature mentioned

  • I agree, but I found a work-aroung for this problem. Just send yourself the invitation link to your desktop computer and open it with the browser you're logged in with in Anchor. It will add yourself to the conversation, yet recognizing you as the same person you are bing logged in with your mobile device. (Even without that you could simply add yourself to the conversation even as a regular interviewee, it makes no difference eventually.)

    The only thing you have to get clear is you don't get sound feedback from your mobile, of course.

  • This should be a standard feature. We should be able to start a  Record With Friends from our desktop and not just from the phone app


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