Add The Ablity To Choose 3 Categories For Apple Podcasts

Right now, podcasts that are distributed by Anchor to Apple Podcasts are only eligible for a single category. 

Other hosts allow you to add up to three categories for Apple Podcasts.

This means you have 3 times more chances to have your podcast found, to increase listenership, and to grow your podcast. 

Anchor team, please solve this problem by allowing us to choose 3 categories for our Podcast on Apple just like every other podcast host out there! 



  • I fully agree that this is a serious omission from which I even want to leave the site.

  • Society culture science Life geography and astronomy

  • I agree 100%! This should be solved as soon as possible!

  • Absolutely agree! We need to give listeners the opportunity to find us in many ways.

  • Agree 100%! This is a HUGE issue and largely why I am considering switching to another hosting platform. 


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