Just a name - without 'By'

I was thinking if it is possible to ommit 'By' at the front page of a podcast if it is in languages other than English.

It would be enough to write just the name of the author, not preceeded by 'By'. For example, my podcast is in Polish, the title is in Polish but just below the title it says 'By Michał Kopczewski' and I would welcome on option to skip it and leave just 'Michał Kopczewski'.



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  • I agree with this and would further suggest that it should be possible to remove the name completely from the podcast title.  My business involves making podcasts for commercial clients and they do not want my name to appear on their podcast page (nor do I) I get we have to register our name with Anchor but you should have the option to leave it off the published podcast page.


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