Sorting Such as Folders In Library

I noticed that the audio library can kind of look of messy and unorganized, similar to when working in an art program and you have twenty plus layers (which is not exactly a pretty sight!). To fix this problem, some art programs have specific folders. 

I was hoping we could add something like this to the library section when editing the audio for an episode. Such as having a folder titled Season One with sub folders for each episode. You would add the separate audios into each folder.

This could also be helpful in finding an audio quicker if you plan on reusing one. For me, I plan on using the same content warning for certain content in an episode. But by the way the library works, it might take a while to find this, especially if you forgot the audio name.

Maybe you want to mention something you said in a previous episode? This organization could help you find it quicker if you didn't give it a specific name or named it Part One without a label in front of it. Say you named the first audio played in every episode Part One. Say you have something around 25 episodes. You now have to listen to every one to figure out which is the correct one.

With this Folder sorting feature, you could easily go to the episode you put the needed audio into!



  • Yes! I just started with Anchor and was thinking the same exact thing. How do we push for this? So far I dig the app, but am hesitant to move forward due to this issue.

  • I think the answer to how we can paste folders with multiple episodes into Anchor Spotify is relevant.

    I realized on the Spotify website that this is possible, there are several producers using this feature, I just couldn't figure out how to do it ???

    Hello Technical support could help us by responding and thereby improving Anchor Spotify.

    Hello Technical support could help us by responding and thereby improving Anchor Spotify

    See attachment>

  • I totally support this functionality! I will be loading upwards of 300+ quotes into the audio folder and I would love to be able to organize my clips.

  • More than folders, I would support the idea to add label(s) to an episode(RSS: element "category" in an "item"). Then, Anchor should at least add this label in the RSS feed (rss/channel/item/category) giving the possibility to podcasts software to use this additional info. Ideally, Anchor should display the episodes labels and allow to filter or search episodes by label.

  • I agree. We need to be able to organize things. In order to use my intro and outro, I have to scroll through the entire library to find it. Does anyone know if there is an easier way to find those?


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