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Currently Anchor's music tool allows for podcast hosts to play full-length music from the Spotify catalogue on their show which is awesome.  But...I'd really like for Anchor (Spotify) to take this a step further and allow podcast hosts to play small music snippets during their show from the Spotify catalogue. I would like to voice-over these music clips at times too.  This could be intro music for a show, but more importantly it would allow for one to do a Music Podcast.  I love and perform music, and have a following on Instagram.   I want to host a podcast where I can break down songs, sections, music theory, lyrics, etc and start-stop the music appropriately during my episode.  I don't need the ad revenue.   I just want to be able to talk about something I'm passionate about without getting into copyright trouble.  

This system would work similar to YouTube's Content ID system, where users ARE allowed to play licensed music, that they do not own the rights to, in their videos.  Ad revenues are split and creatives can utilize and amplify the music of others on the platform.   It works really well!   I believe this is an under-served market (of music lovers) that has yet to be provided a solution to suit their needs as podcast hosts.   Now that Spotify owns Anchor, this should be an easy feature to add.   Thank you!



  • Came here to say the same thing - it is great to use a favorite song on a podcast, but a full song is wayyy too long for an intro-outro. It would be great also to be able to edit volume at which a song (ideally a clip) plays so it's not insanely loud before the talking starts : )

  • same and why do free users get 30 seconds and premium full... like what in the world? like if i can host a radio station podcast 😂👌🏻 with anchor for free and i play 10 songs, thats about 30 minutes for premium and 5 minutes for free plus talk time 😂🗣🤷🏻‍♂️😜 what? this would be great for actual radio stations. sorry if u said any of this i just wanna rant and get anchor to do this already!


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