Features that I feel are needed to make Anchor A Better Podcasting Platform

I have been an Anchor user since 2019. I would like to suggest two features that I believe would make Anchor a better podcasting platform. The first feature that I am going to discuss is the ability to export streamyard streams to Anchor. I feel that by supporting Streamyard you will give podcasters the ability to have more diverse content and it will allow for easier group podcasts. The second feature that I would  like to suggest is the support of youtube links when converting video to audio for podcasts. This would give podcasters the ability to make podcasts via youtube and distribute them via Anchor. I feel that these two features are desperatly needed in order to make Anchor a better platform. Lastly, I would like to suggest an improvement. I would like to see the ability to invite guests to be used on PC. The reason I ask for this is because on mobile devices the invite guest feature mostly  (at least for me) in dropped podcasts. I believe that by offering the feature to PC podcast creators it would be on a stronger platform. Plus, I would like to see the ability to invite a guest then test the connection before recording. This could be done by having the record button be seperate and not instantly begin the recording when a guest joins a podcast. This would make the feature even better because, it would allow for a podcaster and  their guests to make sure everything is good to go before recording the podcast. In closing, I would like to say thank you to Anchor for listening to my suggestions and hope that these features can be added to Anchor very soon. 




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