Idea for Listener Support/Sponsorships

Hello team. I very much enjoy the Anchor platform, but had a feature request that a ton of podcasters haven't found a solution for yet and I think you have the ability to integrate it on Anchor.


Podcasters want to be able to provide bonus/members-only episodes without having to go to another platform like Patreon to do so. I was thinking that you could integrate that into a benefit for listener support.

People who support the show could get access to bonus and ad-free episodes.

Maybe something along the lines of $0.99 tiers get a thank-you, $4.99 tiers get ad-free episodes, and $9.99 tiers get ad-free and bonus episodes.. The members-only episodes could be shown on the anchor feed, but have to be unlocked by becoming a member (similar to what you'd see in a Patreon feed.)

Just a thought that I think would have a positive response from both creators and listeners/supporters. People want the convenience of having this all in one place without moving to separate platforms to access additional content, and for some reason this seems to be missing from practically every podcast host (or costs creators tons of money.) Additionally, this gives more people a reason to support as well as use the Anchor app.




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