Waveform editor - Fade, Extend, Combine

It's great that Anchor has the Waveform editor to let you trim the content of any audio segment, but three other tools would be extremely useful here.

  • Fade: When you can't trim on a totally quiet spot, select to fade in or out
  • Extend:  Add 1-2 seconds of silence to the end of a talk segment that appears before a song in a Music + Talk feature.  This works around the M+T playback bug in the phone app when a brief silence is inserted into the very end of that spoken piece before the song starts.  Alternate solution would be to add a "silence" transition option
  • Combine: Merge consecutive audio segments added to the editor into one piece if you don't need them to appear as separate parts in the playback


  • YES!!! A "Fade" option would be extremely helpful and make podcasts a million times more professional. Please add this asap! 

  • Yes! I need the merge option YESTERDAY!


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