Distribution to Facebook

I understand that facebook is starting to incorporate more audio/podcast files etc

It would be great for Anchor to be able to distribute directly to facebook profiles too!



  • I'm trying to connect my podcast to facebook. But the code is sent to email ***@anchor.fm. I don't know how to find it. Please help!


  • Added my podcast but sent an authentication code to Anchor's default email address. 

    Awaiting for Anchor.fm to get back in touch to get the code so I can continue authenticating. 

    Has anyone gotten past this tep yet?

  • Facebook has added this feature to pages. You have to post your RSS feed link but the confirmation email is sent to Anchor... So, here I wait.

  • Please give us an update as to when we can add our podcasts to FB
    I tried to do this today by adding the RSS feed but FB sends an email to anchor with an authentication code before they will publish the podcase on their platform

    Are you putting a process in place??

  • Same questions as above.

  • Same issue as above. Is there an update on this?

  • I didn't have a problem posting to FB until yesterday. For 2 years it posted fine with my Anchor picture...this week it wouldn't direct post. I had to copy and paste the link and then my picture wouldn't post with it. HELP!


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