Dynamic description frame

Agenda -  Need the description or a portion / segment of episode description to be dynamic.

Why? - This will enable creators to keep their descriptions up to date & make necessary updates over the time.

Example - I make daily episodes & I keep interactive content in descriptions. Each month I update my description with certain set of details to make it interesting and keep my listeners engaged. Same description will make it boring or make them not to read it after a few episodes. So, I end up updating descriptions of each episodes manually. 

I've about 200+ episodes & I spend 4+ hours to update them all; even though I do it so fast. Imagine after having 500+ episodes and my initial hundreds of episodes look so old with unmodified descriptions? I don't want that for any other creators as well.

Conclusion - If a top portion / segment of description is made as a dynamic frame but syncs up with rest of the description area, it'll be great to make bulk modifications just in the description section. 




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