Transcription Feature Improvment: Manually flag between Words that next Slide starts.

Basically what the Title says.

Right now I have no real control over when the Transcribed Text moves to the Next Slide.

I would like to be able to manually Flag between Words that after this "make a new Slide". Maybe you could let it trigger upon "|" being used as Signal to generate a new Slide at this Point.

Example: "You would never guess who won the Presidential Elections. | Barack Obama, can you believe that?" 

The Feature would make sure that "Barack Obama" is not on the same text slide as the Part meant to make the Listner/Reader curious about the Answer. If it is on the same Text Slide they may see the answere way before the Audio part. This is also true for Jokes if the funny Part can be read before the Audio it makes them a little bit less funny.

I hope you understood what I meant.

Thank you





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