Invite Guest To Podcast Via Webpage

I like the idea to invite guest onto my podcast through the ipad but the quality of the sound is not very great one my end once we are done recording. I would like to for you guys to implement that feature being available through the web. I use a Blue microphone and I cannot connect it to my ipad as the cord used is not compatible with the ipad. I would hope this is something that will be quickly considered. I just want the sound to be on one accord instead of me inviting myself from another email just to use my web. The guest I had was able to accept the invite link from his webpage and he sounded crystal clear, or is there a way I can just invite myself from another email to accept from my computer and mute the audio of myself from the ipad? Please hurry and implement this along with some better sounds to play in between podcast breaks or more action sound and drops (claps, boos, etc.) for the webpage




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