Multiple Podcasts in One Account

To be able to host several podcasts would be extremely beneficial to all parties involved. I'm about to start hosting a fiction podcast and I want to be able to offer a separate way of listening to the story as more of an audiobook style rather than an immersive podcast. This would help people who enjoy podcasts but can't always understand what is going on in the story while listening, making the story more accessible to more people.

This would make podcasts a lot more accessible to different listeners and help bring in revenue from advertising to Spotify. It also means that people can listen to their favourite podcasters over several different podcasts, also bringing in further revenue and activity on the site.

Managing multiple accounts on Anchor is just not feasible for many podcasters and this leads to loss of interest in podcasting and loss of possible revenue for Spotify. 

Sure, you're going to get big creator companies like QCODE come in and take advantage of the free features in Anchor, but there are ways around this! Taking marginally larger cuts of advertising per podcast (extending it by 2-3% for each podcast they host) will make it possible to limit how many they can sustainably make without badly hurting small creators who just want to make and 1-2 podcasts.

Please don't limit the amount of creativity that people can have by shutting out possibilities for them in this way. You can make Anchor even better, I know it, but you need to take this step first.

Please give this some consideration.




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